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Mind The Gap of Expectations and Credibility

Note November 7, 2017: Minding the gap of expectations and credibility has been a market issue that has flared multiple times, not least when investors are lulled about risk. Operational changes need to be monitored at several central banks, including at the Federal Reserve despite the aura of continuity in new leadership from February 2018. […]

Dollars and Sense

Note Precis October 29, 2017: Amid the reporting of corporate results and earnings, from politics to change in the global tilt of quantitative ease, numerous events beckon with impact on risk in hitherto complacent markets. Currencies remain worthy of watch as harbingers of volatility. Despite the repute of a U.S. dollar upswing as being negative […]

Q4/2017 – Price Of Everything But What About Value

Note Precis October 11, 2017: In the decade since the credit debacle into 2007 unleashed crisis, albeit now in a different form, complacency appears returned. Then, complacency was about emerging economy strength, smart central bank policy in advanced countries and the dispersion of capital market risk via derivatives all having resulted in strong secular growth. […]

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